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roonect is based upon webrtc using Chrome, or Edge it provides you Real-Time Communication inside your browser. It lets you broadcast audio mediastreams, join a voice recording session, or might be a replacement tool for ISDN connections.

Voice Actors

Are you a professional voice actor or actor and want to operate independent of location? You need to roonect.


Producers, creative directors and writers can easily roonect and join voice recording sessions anytime, anywhere.


roonect is your save and secure replacement for ISDN connections. Easily invite clients to join your audio sessions.

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At the end of the free trial phase you can choose from three price variations:
1 month for the price of 19,89 €
6 month for the price of 77,40 €
12 month for the price of 118,80 €


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What is needed for a roonect session?


Desktop computer or laptop as well as microphone and loudspeaker, optimally microphone and headphones or headset. Optional smartphone with headset (only suitable for monitoring / participation).


Google Chrome Browser, latest version (under → Customize and adjust Google Chrome → Help → About Google Chrome)

Access to the microphone must be allowed. For optional video transmission, the installation of a plug-in for screen transfer must be allowed. The transmission of a webcam is also possible.

Internet connection:

A stable, fast internet connection via LAN is recommended. The upload speed is more relevant than the download speed.
10 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed should be sufficient for an ideal transfer.
Tests to roughly examine your own connection are e.g.:
WLAN is also possible, LTE / UMTS from smartphones is also supported. However, fluctuations in the WLAN connection can affect the transmission.

What is the quality of the transmission offered by roonect?

The adjustable bitrates go from high-quality 256 kbps down to 64 kbps, the latter is suitable, if the transmission through a bad Internet connection should be disturbed too much. However, the specifications refer to the OPUS Codec, and are not to be confused with the comparable mp3 bitrates.

What does a speaker has to consider if he wants to use roonect?

The used microphone and recording environment should comply with studio-quality environments. To make a recording safe, the recording should be recorded on-site, so that in case of e.g. Line interference the source material can be made available. Pro Tools users may not be permitted to use Pro Tools reserved audio inputs and outputs in parallel during a roonect connection. In some cases, if possible, a second audio hardware for the use of roonect should be present, or the roonect connection on a second computer.

What does "low latency" mean?

Transmitting data via the Internet generally leads to delays, since signals must first be encoded, sent in blocks and decoded again. Depending on the quality and performance of the Internet connection, this is more or less noticeable. roonect uses very fast paths on its own servers, which keeps delays → latencies as low as possible while still allowing stable transmission. This facilitates communication with the partners, since the audio signals do not need seconds from A to B and back.

How many participants can attend a session at the same time?

The administrator of the session as well as two other participants.

How is a video image transmitted to a participant?

"Activate or deactivate video option" and select the source (webcam or monitor) via "Send video stream":
Only one participant at a time can see the video, or there is a "sender" and a "recipient", the administrator can decide who is allowed to send, or receive a picture.

How much does roonect cost after the trial period?

At the end of the free trial phase you can choose from three price variations:
1 month for the price of 19,89 €
6 month for the price of 77,40 €
12 month for the price of 118,80 €